I wish there was a Health-O-Meter that could let me know what my health is going to be on any given day. Life would be so much easier! You see, on days like today, I never know when my body is going to say enough! It could be that I get up, showered, and dressed with minimal problems. I could even get to the grocery store and do a little shopping. Or maybe a lot of shopping. Perhaps I'll start feeling ill just minutes after arriving at the store, or halfway through shopping, or when I get to my car. Maybe I'll need help getting my groceries in the car, or maybe I'll be able to do it myself. I may get the groceries from the car to the house, or need someone else to do it. Then there's putting away the groceries. Occasionally I'm well enough to accomplish that task immediately upon returning from the store. Mostly I get the fridge/freezer stuff put away and then call it a day ... or a week.

Perhaps I have an after-the-fact Health-O-Meter...

Incredibly Ill: Didn't even consider going to the grocery store even though all we have in the house is a giant head of cabbage and an overabundance of mozzarella cheese.

Very Ill: Thought about going to the grocery store. Made a list, even. But then decided otherwise once my feet hit the floor.

Just Plain Ill: Made a grocery list, coordinated it with coupons. Got to the store, and halfway through shopping, and realized there was no way it was all getting done in one trip. Checked out with what I had and called it a day.

Slightly Ill: Grocery list, coupons, and a full shopping trip accomplished. Freezer and fridge stuff put away. Perhaps if my family members trip over the rest of the groceries strewn across the kitchen floor, they'll put them away. But most likely not.

Feeling OK: Grocery trip with coupons completed, All groceries put away. 

Feeling Good: Groceries put away AND beef divided and frozen in 1 lb. bags; chicken breasts marinated and frozen, some cut up and marinated for kabobs, 

Feeling Great: All of the above, and the fridge cleaned and pantry organized before shopping.

So ... if you should happen to arrive at my house and find groceries everywhere - beware! I'm not feeling well. If the kids are eating cabbage pizzas, please come back with a bag of apples and a jar of peanut butter ... and don't mind me while I take a nap. 


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