A Date with a Vampire...

Today was the day. I'd like to say I sprang from bed after a good night's sleep and was ready to go on time., but I won't considering Skella Girl was up from shortly after 1AM until shortly before - or possibly shortly after, I lost count - 4AM. First she was up because she had a bad dream in which something bit her finger, which meant she needed to 1. climb in bed with me and tell me about her bad dream in full detail for 20 minutes; 2. exclaim that her finger hurt in real life and she needed a cold cloth for it; 3. get settled in to "bed" on a mattress on the floor because she was too squirmy to sleep with Mama and Daddy. Then she realized that she was going to "the vampire" in the morning and proceeded to ask 127 times if she was really going to the vampire and really going to see her own blood come out of her body and quintuple check that they would definitely not let her take a vial of her own blood home with her. This took hours. 

Skella Girl bounded into the vampire's office. Her legs swinging as she sat in "the coolest green chair that camouflages with the totally green wall," she jumped every time someone moved and asked if it was her turn yet. Exclamations of joy were most likely heard in the parking lot when her name was finally called.

The vampire checked one arm, then the other, then back to the first arm. Skella Girl didn't so much as flinch when the needle pierced her skin. She looked on in awe as her blood spiraled through the tubing into the vial, and exclaimed her need to see the vial of blood before the vampire took it away. Two stickers and one lollipop in hand, she left a stunned vampire behind as she skipped out of the office exclaiming that this was the best day ever

So ends Skella Girl's date with the vampire. If only her brothers fared so well...


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